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Building brand loyalty and sales

Flagship restaurant launch; building loyalty and sales up to the subsequent roll out across the UK and generating high level awareness amongst the local community. 

The Brief.

In September 2015, Bakkavor Foods, the food manufacturing giant, approached bcs Agency to discuss the launch of their first ever casual dining restaurant in Nottingham city centre, a city that is fast becoming the culinary capital of the UK. The restaurant was to be an exciting new concept in the UK, offering fresh, fast, custom-made pizza in 180 seconds using a 900-degree oven.  

With a range of 50 fresh toppings, the Inferno concept aims to reinvent pizza with the freshest, fastest custom pizza ever; firing imaginations with unlimited choice at a great every day price.  The vision? To be the number one quick service pizza place on the high street.

We were tasked with developing a rallying brand - fun, irreverent, edgy, creative and exciting yet approachable, with an inclusive tone of voice that was sufficiently confident to be self-deprecating.

Inferno Pizza Integrated Campaign
Inferno Pizza

The Challenge.

The challenge lay in building a brand and a social media presence from scratch that would create a following of loyal fans and advocates. Setting up a branded landing page, another challenge was to fast track the website domain's authority in the search engine rankings so that a search for ‘Inferno Pizza’ would see the website appear at the top of the results. 

The team recognised that we needed a way to target Inferno’s target audience (those age 16-35 years old residing within 5km of Nottingham) and to raise local awareness of the brand through social media and traditional PR.



  • Build brand visibility and authority
  • Increase footfall into the restaurant
  • Grow sales
  • Launch new restaurants



  • Establish network and grow social media following
  • Promote key messages - Speed - Custom - Heat
  • Identifying and activate brand advocates
  • Cement brand positioning
Inferno restaurant

The Solution. 

We started by developing messaging around the three main brand attributes:



Find your dream pizza at Inferno. A pizza you could take home to meet your mother. A pizza that could be...'The One



Pizza that is UNTOUCHABLE - at least until it's cooled off a little.



They say that good things come to those that wait, but who's got time for that?


Using expert copywriting skills, our team came up with a series of catchy slogans, messaging and names for Inferno’s ‘Hall of Flame’ signature pizzas. Meanwhile our team of designers created all the design material for the restaurant. From menu cards to boards and table wobblers, all branded items were designed in line with the brief and key messaging. 

We created a branded landing page at http://inferno.pizza and designed and set up accompanying social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

Inferno Pizza devices

By cross-referencing the followers of a multitude of Nottingham restaurant Twitter accounts, we were able to find users that followed two or more profiles, and in doing so were able to build a huge target list of Twitter users that were implicitly interested in eating out in Nottingham. It was then a simple case of following those users and waiting for the follow back - turbocharging Inferno's follower growth in the process.

Similarly, using a Facebook local awareness ad campaign we were able to aim our messaging at Inferno’s target audience to drive awareness and then engagement, as those people we reached tagged friends in the comments, to be seen as 'first in the know'.

Using our local business knowledge, we organised a series of pre-launch events inviting local businesses with large staff bases and with large social media following.

Harnessing our strong contacts with key local press outlets, we invited local print, radio and TV reporters to cover the event and further increase brand awareness. We also recognised that with influencer marketing fast becoming a great way to reach a larger audience, we targeted top East Midlands-based food bloggers to help create top brand advocates.

Inferno key messaging

The Result.

Once the signage was put up at the front of the premises, a Facebook page was launched, with a ‘local awareness ad’ campaign, reaching 15,000 in the first few days.

Strong brand recall from the signage, the Facebook local awareness advert & word of mouth led to a surge in traffic to the landing page via Google.  Searches for ‘Inferno Pizza’ directed visitors to the landing page which in turn converted visitors to email subscribers at a conversion rate of 8%.

Within the first few days we were able to increase social media followers and fans from 0 to 500. Through our 'always on' management of Inferno's social media channels we were able to continue follower growth and increase brand awareness each day and night.

Our team created the video below and in the space of just one month, the video reached 69,927 Facebook users within 5km of Nottingham city centre garnering 25,511 video views and achieving 209 likes and 31 shares. 

On an ongoing basis our targeting became more and more effective - getting engagement with each post from existing fans, and then switching the targeting to a wider audience e.g. returning students.  Non fans then saw posts that had already been engaged with, and therefore were more likely to engage - normally responding by tagging their friends in the comments and increasing our organic, viral reach further.  With each post, our page likes increased dramatically.

By the end of our first three months, starting with 0 followers and with a total social media ad spend of less than £500, we achieved over 3,000 page likes and, overall, across all social media channels, we generated : 

14.7k interactions
with 12.3k individual users
creating 2.1m views 

The activities undertaken prior to launch:

bcsAgency creative process

The launch event saw over 350 local pizza lovers flocking to the restaurant to sample the concept for themselves. Attendees were encouraged to share photos of them sampling the tasty treats and sharing the #InfernoPizzaUK hashtag, using the special Hashtag Printing Station to further raise brand awareness.

During our time working with Inferno, using our press contacts and traditional PR methods, we were able to achieve coverage across TV, Radio and Print which further helped to cement Inferno Pizza as the place to go for the best pizza around.

Our social media approach was 'always on', 'always listening' and 'always responding' which helped to ensure that the restaurant was always operating above forecast and just under capacity level - translating our PR & social media activity into sales.

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