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cap hpi integrated campaign


Setting a global standard

cap hpi is a market leader in data and technology for automotive businesses. As trusted partners at every stage of the vehicle lifecycle, cap hpi delivers efficiency through quality of data, transparency in decision making, enabling insight and intelligent decision-making in a multi-platform world.

The Brief.

bcsAgency was initially commissioned to help support cap hpi’s internal marketing team.

Matt Thompson, Marketing Director at cap hpi, said: “bcsAgency has a great track record for integrated campaigns as well as experience in the automotive and data insights sectors, so were the perfect fit for our next campaign. We look forward to building a long-term relationship with them.”


cap hpi marketing
cap hpi smarter automotive decisions

The Challenge.

Individually, cap and hpi were two separate providers of valuation and history data, which joined to offer a ‘one stop shop’ to the automotive industry. bcsAgency was tasked with marketing cap hpi as the single solution to the industry. With each company possessing a long history in vehicle specification, valuation, running cost data and provenance, the combined expertise and data has created a whole host of benefits for businesses right across the motor trade industry.

cap hpi motor trade industry

The Solution. 

bcsAgency is currently implementing a strategy to establish cap hpi as an integrated brand and support the company in the next steps of its expansion to Germany, France, Italy, Spain and then into Asia and the USA. The strategy is based on a strong foundation of harbouring the wealth of experience across both cap and hpi, as well as the accuracy of its data and innovations and services. bcsAgency has also established a strategy to enable them to work as a cohesive team with both cap hpi and its network of agencies.

At the heart of the strategy is the ability to use tactics that will enable cap hpi to measure the engagement of its campaigns, something that was not previously implemented. ROI is also a key consideration for the end user - enabling the customers to see the benefits for themselves in the products cap hpi is creating for them and with them. It was key for bcsAgency to understand the automotive customer pain points and their unmet needs across the multiple automotive sectors and countries.


cap hpi launches new website
cap hpi vehicle valuations

The Result.

Following a well-received strategy, bcsAgency is continuing to support its digital growth and have worked alongside cap hpi to develop a social media strategy, to be implemented and managed by bcsAgency’s internal team.   

Most recently, bcsAgency has been engaged with various video productions to support activity for cap hpi’s brand awareness. This has included customer testimonials, product launch videos and a brand video. The brand video has tied in cap hpi’s unique offering within the automotive sector with over 80 years' of experience, the expertise of their people and the unique code they have created for their data assets. 

bcsAgency has also actively been involved in the development of cap hpi’s biggest ever product launch for iQ, which required intense research, campaign development, recommendations, script writing and storyboarding from bcsAgency.

What cap hpi think.

"bcsAgency has a great track record for integrated campaigns as well as experience in the automotive and data insights sectors, so were the perfect fit. We look forward to building a long-term relationship with them."

Matt Thompson, Marketing Director, cap hpi